Who We Are

When we were kids, we were grouped into classrooms of potential friends. We learned together, we ate together, we played together. In college we shared our space in dorms and bonded over shared lifestyles. Somewhere along the way, we forgot how to bond. We stopped being grouped together and we started to lose deep connections to other human beings that share our experiences. We “like” memes that reflect how we feel and think but gone are the days of leisurely being with friends as a part of our day-to-day. Time with other people has become a difficultly planned break away from our everyday and it leaves many of us feeling isolated, desperately waiting for the next time we have a break from work, children, and a host of other obligations.

It is the mission of The Well-Adjusted Adult to change that. Our relationships shouldn’t be relegated to the one Saturday that we can get away for 2 hours, when the stars completely align where we don’t have deadlines, people to care for, and responsibilities to manage. Why? Because that time never comes. 

Picture it… Sicily… 1938… Sorry I couldn’t resist. Picture it… You’re trying to throw dinner together to feed screaming children and your friend texts you, Had a rough day at work. I’ll be there in 20 minutes with a bottle of wine while we throw chicken nuggets at the kids. I don’t know about you but that would make my fuggin’ night! 

How about this; Your friend tells you that she has a mountain of laundry that’s stressing her out but all she wants to do is watch Netflix. You go over and watch Netflix with her and keep her on task with folding by yelling at her every time you see her sitting with eyes glued to the TV instead of bundling those socks.

It’s these simple, everyday moments that change our lives. These are the moments that create lifelong connections. These are the moments that weave people’s lives together and create communities.  


Joining groups on social media platforms are great, but we want to get you OFFLINE and into REAL LIFE. Let’s start finding your tribe. Let’s start forming connections. Join us for social events in your area. These are low-pressue, relaxed events where we invite everyone to be themselves. We don’t care if you come in leggings, jeans, or a formal gown. Our only requirement is that everyone come ready to open up and engage.

We want you to leave with new friends. Don’t worry about looking too eager. We are all there for the same purpose; finding our tribe. I once heard someone say, “Fear of looking too thirsty keeps a lot of people lonely.” Let’s toss all of those fears to the side and pretend to be social butterflies long enough to find people to connect with.

Our Stories

For years I have been writing posts on social media about myself, my family, my friends and all of the unpopular opinions I have that turn out to be… well… popular.  Sharing our stories allows us to feel heard and allows others to feel understood. We want you to hear our stories and share your own. I have found that we often think we are alone in our situations and our feelings. Knowing that you AREN’T the only and that you are a well-adjusted adult helps to be able to live life confidently, with less self judgment.

Reach out to us on our contact page to share a personal story that you’d like to see published on our site. Ask us questions or give us topics that you’d like to see discussed on the site.  

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